Tech Breakfast was started around 1997. One day after an early morning session, Stephen Bray (Producer), Dave “Rev Dave” Boruff (Musician) and I left Saturn Sound on Burbank Blvd. to “Talk Tech” over Breakfast at the Coral Cafe. We had so much fun we decided to do it more often. Each year we meet a few times including a post NAMM or post AES wrap up with Barry Rudolph. We hang out over breakfast and discuss our industry and the latest audio recording technology.

-Tony Shepperd

Master Series Videos

Tony Shepperd R&B MASTER SERIES available at Groove3.Com
Tony Shepperd TRACKING & MIXING MASTER SERIES available at Groove3.Com

Producer of the stars Tony Shepperd has worked with Whitney Houston, Madonna, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Kenny Loggins, Boyz II Men and many, many more. In his first series, Tony reveals his personal theories and practices for recording and mixing the track… Get on board!.

This series is perfect for those just getting into recording and producing and offers solid advice and techniques. It’s also perfect for getting another opinion on the basics to complement your existing recording and production knowledge. Spend some time with Tony today at: Groove3.Com

Mix Factory


A-Designs Audio, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the MIX FACTORY, a totally new concept and approach to summing out-of-the-box for people who demand more from their current sound and work-flow. The MIX FACTORY is not just a summing unit, it delivers analog warmth with the depth and image needed to make your mixes stand out from the crowd.
The MIX FACTORY is a concept developed by Tony Shepperd (who is known for his high-quality recordings ranging from Gospel, R&B to Rock), designed by Paul Wolff (one of the top designers in the audio industry), and manufactured by A Designs Audio, Inc. (manufacturer of products such as the Pacifica, Ventura, REDDI, Hammer 2 and Nail).
Tony Shepperd was one of many modern engineers that felt that everything could be done “IN THE BOX.” But, he came to realize that analog and digital could live very well together. By combining the two – analog and digital – to create a Hybrid – was the special combination that took his mixes to a level that had other recording engineers calling him for tips and demanding to know how he made his recordings sound so great. The end result, after years of R&D, was the MIX FACTORY.  More Info Here.